When all else fails Blue Bombers turn to cheap beer

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are by no means the CFL’s sore spot in terms of attendance.  In fact, they average over 3000 more fans than the average CFL game across the country. However, they aren’t exactly turning people away at the door this season either. Using last season as a measuring stick Bomber attendance is slightly down. They averaged 27,681 butts in seats last season and this year they are down to 27,094. Last year was a relatively respectable season for the club on the field and that benefited the team’s financial with the added revenue from a home playoff game. However, this season the team won’t have a home playoff game to make bank from and as a result, it appears they are trying to milk the last home game of the season for all its worth.

According to a press release on BlueBombers.com, the team will be reducing beer prices for Friday’s game versus the Calgary Stampeders. The price per beer is going to be just $4.85 a chug. Beer snake anyone?  They are also reducing the price of Adidas merchandise for season ticket holders by 25%.  Keep in mind that Adidas is no longer going to be providing CFL merch beyond this season. So it’s likely an attempt to get rid of the supply before New Era comes in with all new jerseys and merchandise next year. I’m kind of surprised here that they aren’t extending this to all patrons and not just season ticket holders, but I guess this makes it feel more exclusive. The way I see it, if the game goes well for the Bombers they will sell more merchandise and if the game doesn’t go well they will get more of an uptick in cheap beer sales.

Friday’s game should be a good one thanks to the Stampeders loss to Saskatchewan over the weekend. As a result, Calgary still has a lot to play for. Lose their final two games versus the 2 hottest teams in the league and they could very well be looking at a 2nd place finish. A win would lock up first place for a 3rd straight year. Winnipeg, on the other hand, is in desperate need of a win. Despite being considered ahead of the lions in the standings (due to tie-breaker) BC has clinched a playoff spot while the Bombers have not. With Edmonton on a bye-week a Winnipeg loss to Calgary would set up a win and you’re in playoff-like game for Winnipeg next week in Edmonton. This is something the Bombers would certainly like to avoid. But if it does end up going that way, well $4.85 doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

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